High Time For High Tea

It was time for Mummy’s Yummys Homebaking to play at Mummy’s Yummys house ……….what better way to do it than on a Sunday afternoon. Gather with family and friends for a cuppa, chit chat , loads of laughs and a bit of righting the world………… as you do!

High Tea has become something of a great way to gather whether it is celebrating a birthday, a milestone, a significant achievement or just to have a jolly good old cuppa and indulge in a wonderful assortment of food. Especially the foods that have built a story, foods that have created wonderful childhood memories, foods that you can share with others and they still full you with excitement.

There was nothing significant about yesterday apart from the fact that it was time to bring great company from many parts of my life together. A gathering of mums, daughters, daughter-in-laws, sisters, nannas, grandmas, aunties, cousins and long time friends. In fact a friend knocked on the door at 9.30am (got the right day wrong time) for a 2.30pm start (we have been friends since our very first working days at 15 so I thought it only polite to have a morning coffee with her) thanks Gina – sorry you couldn’t stay for the afternoon session!

Nan’s Jammy Tarts, Ginger Oatie Slice, Club Sandwhiches, Sausage Rolls, Mini Quiche & Lemon Cake were all on the menu………Nom! Nom!. Tea and coffee were served. A selection of great treasured china cups, plates & saucers along with the odd bit of silver added to the nostalgic atmosphere.

Our motto is “Fresh is Best” We bake with passion and send with love.

Talk soon – Ann-Marie (Mrs Mummy’s Yummys) .