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About Mummy's Yummys

Working Hard, Time Spare, Need Something Yummy?

Take a moment to remember the real flavours of Mum’s home baking, made with REAL ingredients. Those were the days when biscuits and cakes were ALIVE! Mummy’s Yummys is here and we’re bringing our home baking with us.

“Has your Mum done any baking?” is a question frequently asked of our children from their school mates. A regular birthday gift for their friends at school would be 6 pieces of gooey caramel slice coated in dark chocolate. This is why Mummy’s Yummys was born.

Mummy’s Yummys has combined recipes from yesteryear and the modern world to create a selection of cakes, biscuits, slices and something for after dinner. Not to forget special occasions or just a gift of thought.

Are you looking to recognise the great efforts of your work colleagues or clients? Check out our corporate designs or let us discuss something you have in mind from our great selection and or your corporate colours & logo.

All products are delivered gift wrapped and complimented with your personal message.