Christmas In July

Christmas cakes ordered in July? Yep we sent out two Christmas cakes this week……… Mid – Winter Christmas celebrations or just another good reason to gather with family & friends, eat food, drink mulled wine and have a merry old time!

There is just something about the aromas of Christmas cakes as they bake. The combination of dried fruits. wonderful spices blended to the ingredients with a dash of brandy, brings back the festive memories every time. The taste & flavour is once again nostalgic.

The memories growing up. The making of the Christmas cake was a talking point. It was always made well in advance (time for the cake to mature was always best for the end result). Fruit would soak for days – it would be soaked in Ginger Ale, or depending on where you were from it may have been soaked in Whisky or Brandy! Back in the day I loved the smell, I really wanted to eat that beautiful smelling cake and always gave it a go but it always had that horrible mixed peel all through it. You know the bits you always spat out!

Over the years I’ve taken bits from several recipes, taken out the mixed peel & made up the quantities of fruit with sultanas, currants, dates & apricots. I believe we’ve got the mix just right and I love the traditional Christmas colours of red & green cherries and almonds to finish it off.

Not only do we love Christmas cake around here but a bite size Christmas Mince Pie never goes a miss, sprinkled with a dusting of icing sugar – magic.

Merry Mid Winter Christmas

Our Motto is “Fresh is Best” We bake with passion and send with love.


Talk Soon – Ann-Marie (Mrs Mummy’s Yummys).