An Oops In The Kitchen

Multitasking! It just didn’t happen last week.

Mr Mummy’s had organised the dinner, I had organised prep for the remaining orders of  Raspberry Moments, because there was the final of MKR to watch. Once dinner was consumed in the oven the Raspberry Moments went. Timer set (well that’s what I thought)! We’d get them baked cooled, packed, delivered on time the following day and everybody would be happy………….

I was very engrossed in MKR there was yet another break time, add breaks as a rule do my head in but on this occasion just as well in fact the ads hadn’t come soon enough. Thinking quietly to myself that the very loud timer hadn’t screamed beep beep I flew out to check how the Raspberry Moments were going – to my disappointment the timer hadn’t moved a minute it was still sitting at the bake time of 15 minutes. The biscuits were a shade of brown not their usual rich cream colour with a bright raspberry red centre. I did have a taste test they tasted fine but as the saying goes  ‘Baking Is Love Made Visible’ there was no way those babies were going  to be let out into the public eye.

Seriously 9.30 pm and another bake required so it was time to get my big girls pants on get back in the kitchen and get baking baby.

Midnight chimed in and the last of the packing was being done. A few hours sleep up and at em it was time for the next challenge a morning drive getting across the bridge from North Shore to the city.

Yay we made it. Baking complete, packing complete, deliveries complete and everybody was happy.