Mummy’s Yummys Homebaking Is Excited

Wow! Stoked to be a Farro Fresh feature. Farro Fresh has given us the opportunity to share our childhood favourites with their customers. We love that our yummys are bringing back nostalgic, happy memories for many and creating excitement for those that are new comers. If you’ve tried us we’d love to hear from you. If you haven’t you are missing out! What’s your favourite?

I had a warm fuzzy moment whilst making the weekly deliveries to the Farro stores last week. A customer approached a staff member & myself asking if  we could help her find some yummy cakes that she had purchased the week before……… they had a flaky base, jam in the middle & a sponge like top – with a cross of flaky puff. The staff member & myself had a little grin and we made the introduction. Yep they were Nan’s Jammy Tarts. The customer met the baker (actually Mr Mummy’s is the baker of Nan’s Jammy Tarts I just took all the glory). It was so neat to see & talk to somebody sharing the memory and the enjoyment they received from a good old fashioned recipe. As the customer grabbed her purchase & called out to her partner that she had met the lady that made the tarts (pointing me out) I thought to myself…….. yes we are real. I felt like royalty and what a wonderful thing to bring somebody happiness through our love of baking & sharing.

Mummy’s Yummys loves to send corporate gifts to clients. You choose the selection we bake it, pack it and send it with love. If you’d like to know a little bit more about us check us out at

We are feeling SUPER excited about being part of the 2016 Artisan Awards – we will be entering at least two of our products. Good Luck to us!

Mr & Mrs Mummy’s make a great team. Feel free to get in touch. Our motto is “Fresh is Best” We bake with passion and send with love.

Talk Soon – Ann-Marie (Mrs Mummy’s Yummys),